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Most Internet users have more than one email account, considering that there are dozens of free providers out there. While these may be sufficient for personal use, they often are not full featured enough for truly important matters, such as transferring information and files for school or business. In this case, it's imperative to know what the best paid email service is and what features you should be looking for when choosing your provider.

Paid email providers offer services that popular free providers don't allow. For one, in the event that you decide to change providers for any reason, you can generally retrieve your stored data and transfer it. This is extremely important if your contact list or stored files are time sensitive and critical. You also want to use a best paid email service that will send and receive when you need it to. Obviously, you don't pay for downtime, so be sure that the infrastructure is sound. Finally, when you are using a free provider, the odds of getting service with a human touch are slim to none, making this a distinct advantage of paid services. While most paid providers will claim to offer these things in one form or another, the competency at which they deliver will widely determine which service is better than another. Don't be afraid to go elsewhere if you find that a particular provider isn't meeting your needs. Sometimes the terms look much better on paper in actual delivery.

There is also another good reason to pick a best paid email service over a free option. Nothing is really free and the popular companies generate revenue through their advertising plan. You will see these banners each time you open your mail, which can get annoying at best. Some free services also sell their subscriber list, leading to an increase in inbox spam. Finally, per the terms and services of free providers, they can usually stop the contract at any time for any reason. If you have vital information stored on their server, you are most likely out of luck. While losing a family correspondence probably won't affect things too much, if you have an important bit of data, that is another story. This interruption can also hurt a client's ability to contact you, which may lead to lost revenue and contracts.

There are several common payment options for paid email providers. Some of the best paid email services may be perfectly happy to take payments on a month to month basis. They may or may not require a contract, but will almost always insist on an automatic payment plan via a credit card or electronic check. However, you may find it more affordable to pre-pay for the entire year. This often earns clients a significant discount, as the processing is easier and more affordable for the provider. This is one of the best ways to save.

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